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I look like this.
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Today I gave these two a bath so we could introduce them and try to make friends and they waited patiently in their burritos and it was so damn cute #bacon #waffles

Being a tiny person in a really big bed sucks bcos I can’t warm it all by myself :(((

today was sucky

You were just too cute for this world. I hope piggie heaven is full of yummy grass and carrots and everything that makes you a happy piggie. I’ll miss you, so much, and so will Waffles and Bacon. We love you forever mama pig, RIP 😭😭😭😭😭😭💚💚💚

Got the cutest doona cover today 😁

Dinner date?

Bedtime reading #hyperboleandahalf #alliebrosh

im almost done! hey!

erugh i dont want to write this essay i want to do nothing ever

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Okay :(
rexxieheve rexxieheve Said:

i just dont see the need in anonymous messaging id either be like hell yeah or yeahnosoz

i just hate bullshit why do i even have a tumblr