22. melbourne.

I look like this.
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decided/realised that i cant go and do what i wanted next year because it’ll just fuck up my uni too much and i really just want to finish and begin life.

thought i might go on some form of holiday but i have noone to go with and i wont be able to afford what i want to do.

a job would be nice.

i am so excited for tomorrow cos i made really nice accidental vegan lunch for tomorrow and also a supper yummy smoothie

New shirt from @paganmarienz 😙😙

So glad to have my baby back and safe, even if she does have a tube in her face. I love you bbycakes 💜

i really dont want to say goodbye to you tomorrow, but i have to, just in case.

i have to take derp back to the vet tomorrow and shes having surgery.

im just hoping to fuck she pulls through, i dont know what id do without my mama piggie.

It’s been like this for over a month and it still makes me smile every time. #teamnicedynamite #achievementhunter

Usually i bounce back pretty well but it’s been like two days and my eyes are still leaking :/